Weddings and Honeymoon

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Capturing all the moments that take place during that day is one detail that cannot be overlooked. Great wedding photography will provide memories that will last a lifetime.

Some wedding photography happens naturally and in the candid moments when everyone is soaking in the fun and excitement of the day. There are some planned photos that can be cherished for a lifetime. Here are some of the the best wedding photography ideas.


Family Photos

Weddings bring families together and capturing those moments are essential. Many times familly that is not together often is all there in one place. Always make a large family photo, as well as smaller groups of family in photos together a part of your photography plan.


Use the Scenery Around You

Canada is known for it’s picturesque scenery and outdoor areas, so use that as backgrounds in your photos. It is hard to find an area anywhere in Canada that does not provide some sort of gorgeous background for a photo, so use that to your advantage. Scope out areas in advance and take some shots with your phone or camera to make sure it will give you the look you are going for.


Have Fun

Weddings are celebrations and the photos from the wedding should show the great time that everyone is having. Candid shots, photo booths and selfie stations are all ways to get great photos of your special day and see everyone having a great time.


Have A Plan

The actual wedding day is chaotic and can go by in a flash. Spend some time on the internet looking at wedding photos that others have had taken. Make a listing of some shots you absolutely must have and let the photographer know in advance. Certain poses or combinations of people that you may not think of can be easily found in an internet search. The key is to communicate it in advance so you don’t forget in the all the chaos of the actual day.


The Photographer is Key

Having the right photographer will make all the difference. Canada has an amazing amount of talented photographers out there, but each one is different. Take your time researching who will document your big day. Narrow the choices down to a few and meet each one. Ask to see their portfolio and focus only on previous weddings they have photographed. You must feel comfortable with not only the style of pictures they take, but also them as a person. If you aren’t comfortable with your photographer, the pictures can end up looking staged and stiff. Those are not the images you want from your wedding day.

A wedding day is one of the most remembered days in your life. Make sure the photos you will represent you and what your special day was all about. Spending a little time before your big day planning out exactly what you want your photos to look like in the end will give you the memories to cherish for a lifetime.