First contact

Welcome to the SexINFO blog. I know I know – oh no, not another blog but hold up, this one is special, I promise. ThereRead More

You are now tuned in

So uh, you all probably want a little back story on me and how I got here. Well I was plucked out of a collegeRead More

Fashion for Sex Sake?

Gasps from the fashion elite as Gareth Pughs Fall 2008 collection strutted down the runway. He’s known for creating wearable sculptures meant to distort theRead More

Bad, bad bisexual

I’d just like to take a moment and thank Tila Tequila for setting bisexuals back fifty thousand years. Tila Tequila is the star of MTV’sRead More

Porno For the People

It’s fair to say that the wonderful invention known as the internet has brought us an abundant selection of porn, from the free and amateur,Read More


SEXInfo: reply with code 4 answrs. “A1” if ur condom broke A1 SEXINFO: u may b at risk 4 STDs+HIV women can also be prgnantRead More

About You…

If you are 12-17 and your sex partners are male, female and/or transgendered, Click Here to find out about lifestyle choices & STDs that couldRead More