First contact

Welcome to the SexINFO blog. I know I know – oh no, not another blog but hold up, this one is special, I promise. There will be no cross posting from the mainstream news or gossip blogs for the sake of snarky comments. This blog chronicles the antics of me, Maggie as I slash and […]

You are now tuned in

So uh, you all probably want a little back story on me and how I got here. Well I was plucked out of a college class by my then professor and now boss. In my senior year of college (2007) I decided to knock out some units by taking this virtually unknown class called “Sexuality […]

Fashion for Sex Sake?

Gasps from the fashion elite as Gareth Pughs Fall 2008 collection strutted down the runway. He’s known for creating wearable sculptures meant to distort the human body beyond recognition by experimenting with form and volume with unconventional fabric choices like PVC inflated into voluminous coats, monochromatic squares, geometric shapes, meticulous tailoring, an unmatched ability to […]

Bad, bad bisexual

I’d just like to take a moment and thank Tila Tequila for setting bisexuals back fifty thousand years. Tila Tequila is the star of MTV’s A Shot at Love, where 16 straight men and 16 lesbians compete for the key to her heart. I’m going to skip the deets of the show because the people […]

Black is back in fashion… for July atleast

I’m African American and love fashion so naturally I was beyond jazzercised when Vogue announced they’d be doing an “All Black Issue” meant to address discrimination in the fashion industry. Well actually it’s Italian Vogue, and the concept came as a response to long time fashion agent and model Bethann Hardisons summit “Out of Fashion: […]

Candies Teen Pregnancy Prevention PSA Has Us Talking Alright….

I have Tivo, and thanks to the good old 30-second-skip button I miss most shock and awe commercials, but earlier this week while I was getting my much anticipated, highly addictive dose of Gossip Girl I caught the Candies Teen Pregnancy Prevention PSA. To watch the PSA go to their site here. Its suspiciously missing […]


SEXInfo: reply with code 4 answrs. “A1” if ur condom broke A1 SEXINFO: u may b at risk 4 STDs+HIV women can also be prgnant SouthEast Keith@Armstrong 671-7000 M-F8-5, W8-12. City Clinic 356 7th St 487-5500 MWF 8-4 TuTh 1-4 “B2” if u think ur pregnant B2 SEXINFO: it’s ur choice what 2 do testing+morningafterpill […]

About You…

If you are 12-17 and your sex partners are male, female and/or transgendered, Click Here to find out about lifestyle choices & STDs that could concern you. PRESCRIPTION FOR EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION If you live in San Francisco and you’re worried because you just had sex and might be pregnant (no birth control, the condom broke, […]

A new sexual health cell phone text messaging service for young people in San Francisco.

Launch Date: April 24, 2006  Innovative response to the increasing gonorrhea and chlamydia rates among African-American young people, aged 18-25, in San Francisco. Based on a successful program in London operated by the Brook Advisory Centres Created to give info and advice to San Francisco youth about STDs, HIV, birth control, sexual health services, and more. […]