You are now tuned in

So uh, you all probably want a little back story on me and how I got here. Well I was plucked out of a college class by my then professor and now boss. In my senior year of college (2007) I decided to knock out some units by taking this virtually unknown class called “Sexuality and the Internet”. Now, I know what you’re thinking, because I was thinking it too — porn  school! For units!!! But yeah, no. Surfing the net to check out the various ways people get their fuck on turned out to be a straight up gaggle of reading and writing that explored the social, psychological and educational aspects of sexuality and the internet and how the internet can be harnessed as a tool for social change.

Our final paper required we investigate an Internet issue, and me being me, I kept it raw and decided to look at the prevalence and severity of the online sexual solicitation of minors through Dateline’s ‘To Catch a Predator’ series. After some involved research and statistical analysis it looked as though Dateline might have misrepresented the frequency of the sexual solicitations they caught on camera. Now I’m not trying to say that young people are not solicited for sex online by adults, BUT most of us that have grown up during the Internet age know when someone asks “a/s/l” they’re sketching for ass and if you do not want, then gtfo and close the chat window. In other instances young people might be curious and reciprocate these solicitations, and sometimes the adult doing the solicitation thinks they’re roll playing with an adult because the young person is in an area they should not be. And sometimes, like nearly half of the time, teenagers were soliciting OTHER teenagers for sex. Who would have thought teens cruised for sex online? These little Dateline details are important as they use fear to manipulate emotions resulting in the censorship of online content to protect the children, and we don’t want that… well the censorship part.

So whats my point here? It pays to go to school and do your homework. As much as I was looking forward to languishing away after graduation sending out fifty-million resumes, working at a cutting edge nonprofit around STD/HIV prevention, reproductive health, relationship issues and, you guessed it, the internet is a better way to serve my debt to society.