It’s fair to say that the wonderful invention known as the internet has brought us an abundant selection of porn, from the free and amateur, to the high production pay stuff. Some of it is okay, but most of it, well, most of it features gruesomely tan impossibly built bodies grinding lubeless genitals, without eye contact and that almost tangible sexual chemistry that should reach you through the screen… hardly my idea of good times.

So I got to wondering, is there any other pornographic outlets that don’t feature mechanistic fucking? Well luckily for you, me and everyone in between, there is. Whilst perusing the many community content porn sites and then some, I stumbled across Porn for the Blind. Porn for the Blind is a nonprofit organization based in Cambridge, Mass and was established for the sole purpose of making porn clips available online to people who are visually impaired. Volunteer ‘audiodescribers’ watch porn videos and describe the action for those that are visually impaired or people just looking to change it up. With 40GB of content (um that’s a lot, especially for audio files) and 50,000 visitors there’s definitely something for everybody.

Yes yes, theres tons of audio porn out there but Porn for the Blind is special because a) its FREE and b) anyone can contribute! c) aaand it’s a method of porno consumption that taps your other senses when solo. With Porn for the Blind your eyes aren’t the gate way to the genitals, and instead the description of hair, skin, the looks on his/her face etc etc etc will be a new way of getting the job done. Head on over, audioscribe if you feel inclined, then load up the mp3 player and do it to it.

And if you’re on the fence about posting a video of your getting it on then Porno for the Blind is a happy medium. The audio recordings are hot in the same way that the amateur videos submitted to the community generated sites are hot…that almost tangible sexuality that I mentioned a few paragraphs ago.