SEXInfo: reply with code 4 answrs.

“A1” if ur condom broke

A1 SEXINFO: u may b at risk 4 STDs+HIV women can also be prgnant SouthEast Keith@Armstrong 671-7000 M-F8-5, W8-12. City Clinic 356 7th St 487-5500 MWF 8-4 TuTh 1-4

“B2” if u think ur pregnant

B2 SEXINFO: it’s ur choice what 2 do testing+morningafterpill up to 5 days aftr sex New Generations WF 9-3:30;502-8336;625 Portero; Healing Arts 5190 Third TTH 1-4

“C3” to find out about STDs

C3 SEXINFO: if u hve sex, u can get an STD + not know it. Chlamydia, gonorrhea=no symptoms most of the time Dropin get checked FREE 356 7th St. 8-4 MWF, 1-4 TuTh

“D4” to find out about HIV.

D4 SEXINFO: u can get HIV from sex, blood, or sharing needles w/someone infected free RAPID HIV tests Larkin 673-0911 x259 M-F 2-4:30 ; HipHop 337-4719 MTh 1-5

“E5” if u need 2 talk now.

E5 SEXINFO: if ur feeling down, like the world sucks, like u wanna xcape ur life, call SF Suicide Prvntion 2 talk 781-0500 24/7 not just 4 suicide

“F6” if she or he’s cheating on u. F6 SEXINFO: if u think s/he’s cheating on u, get a checkup 2day STDs can go backnforth most times there’s no symptoms drop-in City Clinic 356 7th St 487-5500

“F8” if ur not sure u want to have sex.

F8 SEXINFO: it’s ur choice to have sex or not get informed before u decide Balboa/1000 Cayuga 469-4512; 9-4 M-F; Cole St Clinic 555 Cole St dropin Th 2-6; 751-8181

“E9” if ur sexually active

E9 SEXINFO: b smart. use condoms. get STD checkups every 6 months, and talk 2 ur partner about sex. tell ’em what u like + what u don’t. have fun+stay safe!

“F10” if someone’s hurting u

F10 SEXINFO: no matter if it’s ur b-friend g-friend uncle neighbor, u don’t deserve 2B hurt or touched how u don’t want 24/7 sexual abuse resource center 206-8386

“E7” if u think u might b gay

E7 SEXINFO: it’s nrml 4 some boyz/boyz + girlz/girlz. or u may not know who ur attracted 2. non-judgmental health services @ Dimensions Clinic Th 5-8; 48

“G11” if u need a place to stay.

G11 SEXINFO: if u have to leave ur home + need temp housing, try Huckleberry House 1292 Page St 621-2929 ages 11-17; Lark-Inn age 18-24 869 Ellis St 800-447-8223